The Somatice Experiencing™ approach can enhance practice in a variety of professions including mental health,,medicine, physical and occupational therapies, bodywork, addiction treatment, first response, education, and others. Integrating the SE approach into existing practice is explored in the training.

In the current ISE training, the student group has included:

psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors, teachers, yoga teachers, homeopaths, CST practitioners, youth workers, nurses. and those supporting people in various contexts eg:

  • family support
  • support for the LGBTQI+ community
  • former prisoner groups
  • people affected by conflict 
  • families and young people
  • terminal illness and end of life support
  • suicide and self-harming
  • complementary therapies.
  • Sexual abuse
  • Transgenerational work
  • Eco therapy
  • Yoga and mindfulness
  • CST
  • Youth groups
  • Health service provision – pregnancy, medical, surgical provision and cancer support, eating disorders
  • Former combatants support
  • Addiction support
  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • Pregnancy and birth support