A group of assistants – lead by  Senior Assistant Alida Ruiter – supports the work of the training.   There is a ratio of one assistant to three participants. Each assistant is assigned, by the trainer, to groups which may vary on a daily basis, depending on the practice requirements.

The work of assistants is vital in each training.   It provides a safe environment for the students to practice new skills as well as supporting the assistants to continue their own skills development.   

Assistants are responsible for signing the Personal Session Log and the Case Consultation Log of the participants that they have worked with.  Personal Session and Case Consultation logs sheets are available at the beginning of the training. These logs form part of the assessment requirements at the end of the training.https://www.irelandse.org/faqs  Only assistants approved by EASE and SEI are permitted to complete the students record of personal sessions or consultations.

Assistants also provide feedback on the development of participants throughout the training as a support for the students' learning.   As there is no written work, this is essential for the students to monitor their progress

The assistants are involved in all aspects of the training and are approved to provide person sessions at the level agreed with the Lead Assistant

  • Lead Assistant  is responsible for the students engagement with the training material.

  • Senior Assistants are involved in all aspects of the training and are approved for provide case consultations [individual or group] and personal sessions at all levels

  • Primary Assistants are involved in all aspects of the training and are approved to provide personal sessions at all levels.

  • General assistants do not have approval yet to provide sessions and work under the direction of the lead Assistant and with student triads.