Trauma is resolved in the completion of the self protective responses and in connection.

However, it is important to note that, whilst every human being shares the same physiological response to trauma, each of us has a unique personal history.  How we express of the traumatic experience will reflect this unique history.

In addition, family style and cultural and historical context will influence our unique responses.  They structure our memory, meaning and emotional responses and consequently our behaviours.

Of course, these responses are not compartmentalised but function together in a complex way to help us to survive.  SE is designed to help clarify these patterns, and to  support the re-emergeance of our innate capacity to integrate the experience and live well.

Not everyone who has experienced trauma will need individual psychotherapeutic support.  A significant number will do so.  However, what everyone needs is information and guidance to understand the impacts of trauma and how to work with that.