ISE was established in 2012, as a not-for-profit a Community Interest Company (CIC) with primarily social objectives.  It is a company limited by guarantee and regulated by The Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies in England.

Ireland SE CIC provides the first complete 3-year Somatic Experiencing training in Ireland.   The training is accredited by the European Association for Somatic Experiencing  [EASE] https://somatic-experiencing-europe.org/ and Somatic Experiencing International® [SEI] https://traumahealing.org/

Following the development of ISE, it became clear that a support organisation was needed for SE practitioners and students of SE in Ireland.   A  member-led, national association was established  in October 2017. Tairseach [meaning threshold]  is the Association of Somatic Experiencing™ Practitioners in Ireland. https://www.tairseach.ie/