This is experiential training. SE training is designed to enable the learner  to practice and integrate the SE® approach into their own work. 

Although it does draw on your life experiences, the experiential approach does not have, as its focus, the integration of you own personal experiences i.e. it’s focus is on professional development which draws on personal life experience. 

All the work is done within large and small groups, triads and pairs.  Whereas group process in not the focus of the work, group coherence is very important.  As coherence is an important element in working with capacity, it is also an important aspect of the life of the training group.  Students are encouraged to pay attention to and learn about their own nervous system responses in various contexts throughout the training.  

Due to the depth of the work involved in the training, participants are advised that personal traumatic experiences may be triggered during the training. Therefore, it is important have a level of self-awareness that will support you and have access to therapeutic support outside of the training separate from the requirements of the training.