Participants in Training

The inaugural training group which graduated 14th October 2015, had more than thirty students.  While the majority of those were from Ireland, the group included people from Austria, Bali, England, Germany, Norway, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Turkey and Wales. This made for a great mix of experience and interest.  Since the initial training, in excess of 200 students have achieved or are completing, the Somatic Experiencing Practitioners Certificate. Our training continues to welcome students various countries,


Approches and Contexts

As the SE training is a post-qualifying advanced professional training in working with trauma, each student is already qualified with substantial experience in in their own therapeutic approach, and is accredited as a member of a professional body.

Students come from a wide variety of psychological and body based practices – gestalt psychotherapists, Jungian Analysts, person-centred counselors, energy therapists, Yoga teachers, physiotherapists,  CST, Dance and Movement,  Addiction counselors.  People work in a variety of settings eg, private practice, schools, community organisations, health service, social services and work with a range of ages from children and young people to adults as individuals or in families, couples and groups.


Between Modules

In between modules, students undertake their personal sessions and case consultations.  In addition they are encouraged to form self-organising study groups in order to practice their skiils and study the manual, a relevant section of which is provided for each module.  Often students ask for an assistant to be present to support this work. This involves a small hourly fee and lodging if needed.

Some study groups are continuing after the training has finish and provide an opportunity for continual professional development.